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Eight Frugal Minutes Podcast

Eight Frugal Minutes offers a practical look at money tips, financial journey, personal finance, spend money, debt payoff, side hustles and money hacks to live your best life financially free! Yes, we are your frugal friends!

Why are We Different?

What makes us different? We offer our ideas in 8 minutes! Living the good life might mean more goal setting ideas, cutting expenses, meal planning with personal choices for better living on your own path.

Plus, we believe that financial independence and debt freedom to create lasting financial freedom is part personal finance podcast and part frugal living to be curbing spending. Add a few laughs and you’ve found us!

New Episodes – Monday – Thursday

We are always talking! Our Eight Frugal Minutes blog is updated daily and 4 new episodes of our Frugal podcast are ready to listen to every week! Our show notes offer frugal tips, earning money and simple living. Listen to an episode or read our show notes!

Frugal Living Fast

Can you really dish details for smart consumers in a short time? We know experiencing personal growth comes from frugal friends in a supportive community. Your personal choice is all about new information to explore. Do you need countless directions? No! Our features interviews are aware the financial goals are personal.

Want to Be a Podcast Guest?

Come on the Show! Have an idea from your own experiences? Drop us a note! We’d love to hear from you! Have a personal experience, know how to cut food costs, or have a way to curb spending? Get in touch! It’s our 3rd Season! Find out more about us!

Our Show is All About Life

What makes Eight Frugal Minutes a different type of listen is we are offering money strategies great, debt pay off, best hacks for spending less and saving more based on personal experiences from a frugal family home. You can’t live a full and successful life of reach financial independence if you’re worried about a grocery bill or can’t even think about investing money for early retirement without a debt free journey.


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