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Eight Frugal Minutes Podcast Hosts 3rd Season

The Eight Frugal Minutes podcast has hit a milestone. In addition to keeping to their motto of saving that cash, the podcast is once again offering episodes four days a week in our third season. The podcast offers practical money tips, how to save money, side hustles and money mindset hacks for your best life.

We love to cover how to make money, how to save money and money hacks that are practical in practice. Think about all the ideas that you’ve heard of but doesn’t apply to you. Well, at Eight Frugal Minutes, the ideas very well may apply and they cater to everyday needs. Nobody needs to know how to cut corners for

Eight Frugal Minutes podcast

The Podcast is really only Eight Minutes?

Well, we try to keep it around eight minutes – no more than 12 minutes, if, the topic deems to be necessary. Otherwise it’s eight minutes.

What makes our podcast unique is we want to offer informative information without taking up the whole day. Listening to a podcast should be relevant, interesting and when you are wanting details on ideas or opportunities direct. The only way to do that is to prune down the fat. We think eight minutes is more than enough time to share but occasionally it goes longer. Not to worry, more details are posted on our website too. So if it interests you, then all you need to do is check it out at your convenience.

How has the Eight Frugal Minutes Podcast Transformed?

In the beginning we tried a number of ways to engage with audiences, including a longer format, different topics and products. It didn’t feel organic or what we wanted to share. Then on the second season we had a number of guests, but for the most part it didn’t fit into the show as it was too long and those tapings ended up on the podcast room floor.

On the episodes in 2022 and beyond, we have topics and guests, but it’s a fresh look. We’ve formatted the podcast to give listeners the meat and bones of the topic with additional detail found online. That way we can share and still be able to offer relevant information if wanted.

This coming season will also offer new and fresh ideas on how to make money with side hustles, interesting services and unique business ideas we come across. This is in addition to our focus of how to save money. With inflation, budgeting and all your day-to-day life stuff, we are looking at practical ways to immediately implement and consider. And no, we aren’t pitching any financial products. This is real life. Our ideas offer value to live your life as you see it.

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Our Third Season is Exciting!

This is the third season of Eight Frugal minutes podcast. Our hope is to offer ideas for every listener. Some of those ideas you will enjoy, others might be interesting, some could be implemented and others might not fit at all. Yet, you can quickly decide what works for your lifestyle and live your life to the fullest. Above all you can save that cash!

While we can blather on about how much we love the podcast, it’s probably more ideal for you to check it out for yourself. There are a number of episodes focused on different ways on practical money tips, how to save money and even money mindset hacks to hear. That way, you can decide for yourself about the Eight Frugal Minutes podcast!

We hope you tune into our podcast. It’s available on all the platforms including Apple, Amazon, Google and Spotify.

Eight Frugal Minutes