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About Us: The Eight Frugal Minutes Podcast is our way to help you save that cash. Here you will find money tips, side hustle ideas and money mindset hacks to better your life. Yep, we repeat our mantra often as we want viewers to know we have their pocketbooks in mind. Our topics vary, but our seriousness of cash is steadfast. Host Jodi Jill is always trying to stretch every dollar a little bit farther.

About Eight Frugal Minutes

We share tips and tricks to save cash. Offer new ways to make money and immediate opportunities that could help your family. While that all sounds wonderful, we go one step further than other shows: we make sure our viewers could potential implement our ideas immediately. Whether you live in Casper, Wyoming or Tampa, Florida we strive to offer useful, relevant ideas to our listeners so they can start saving asap!

All it takes is eight minutes of your time to listen to our podcast. That’s 480 seconds. Or approximately one trip to the kitchen to get a glass of water (without tripping over the dog.)

Sometimes we linger a little longer, but we are always right to the point. The idea of this podcast is to inform, implement and make your life better. Which is what the Eight Frugal Minutes Blog is all about too! We offer ideas and opportunities for you to enjoy your best life saving money, making money and getting the most of your cash! This is our 3rd season! Why not live your best life? You certainly deserve it.

About Jodi Jill

Our Mission

“Our mission is to save our listeners money on a regular basis. We share ideas on how to make money, how to save money and how to live the lifestyle you deserve! Opportunities we share can be immediately implimented and guests we invite on the show offers value to our listeners.”

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