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5 Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps Between Your Legs

If you are a dog owner you know that your pup is an amazingly cute, lovable, and furry friend. He or she will follow you wherever you go. Expect to have a pal for life as they love you for as long as you’ll let them. And if your dog is particularly affectionate, they might even cuddle with you while you sleep. However some humans won’t have a dog sleeps between their legs. But what could possibly compel a dog to seek out that sort of proximity with their human? There must be some underlying logic behind these dog actions. 

Dog sleeps between your legs

Isn’t it Weird Your Dog Sleeps There?

If your dog has a tendency to sleep between your legs at night, you’re not alone. My dog does it. And so do thousands of other dogs. While it’s weird for humans, the dog likes the position  because there are several benefits associated with this behavior. Every dog recognizes that there are some perks of lodging yourself between your owner’s legs. In fact, there may be a handful of reasons why your dog likes to sleep in this position.

Veterinarians agree, there are logical reasons why a dog might find this area a great place to take a nap. My dog, any time I stretch out on the sofa, he is excited to take his spot. He loves his owner and get special, behind the ear scratches. However, if you don’t feel that the reasons below match your concerns, consider finding a veterinarian who can help you. Every Dog is unique and so is your situation.

 5 Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps Between Your Legs:

1. Comfy and Cozy

If your dog feels comfortable and cozy and drifts off. Yes it’s the classic dog sleeps between your legs scenario. This is the most common reason why they do it. It’s also possible the soft material of your pajama pants is comforting. Or the warmth, gentle vibrations of your lower leg muscles soothes your dog. It helps them get the most rest they can get. 

Dogs are incredibly sensitive to touch. They likely enjoy the feeling of being pressed up against the skin of their owner’s legs. It’s likely that your dog is extra loving and affectionate too. They may want to be as close to you as possible. 

Your legs are warm and soft, so it’s easy to see why your dog would enjoy sleeping in that position. Plus, it’s impossible not to be affectionate and offer a few pats and scratches, so dogs know they get your attention too.

2. Protection

Dogs are highly protective, loyal creatures and they will often seek to protect their owners from harm. If your dog sleeps between your legs, then they may be doing so in an effort to guard you from potential threats. 

It’s possible that your dog sees themselves as a sort of human shield for you. Dogs have been known to sleep in this position when people are sick or injured. They may also be guarding you from any other dangers that may be lurking in your surroundings. They have a keen sense of safety and this area allows them to be close while still being on guard duty. Ready to spring up in a moment’s notice in case there is trouble.

3. Keeps Body Temperature Even

Your dog may be sleeping between your legs because they are trying to keep their body temperature even. Dogs are susceptible to heat stroke and other temperature-related health issues. Once they recognize that the area offers a certain level of hear (or is cool) they might become used to the idea of this being their new place.

They may be sleeping in this position to keep their body temperature down and increase their chances of staying healthy. Dogs are covered in fur, which is great for keeping them warm during the winter months. 

However, this same fur can be very uncomfortable during the summer months. It may be that your dog sleeps between you legs in an effort to keep warm.

4. You Smell Good

It’s all about your scents for many dogs! Some dogs are attracted to the scent of humans and they may be sleeping in this position because they enjoy the way that you smell. 

Dogs have a powerful sense of smell and many consider them to be experts in the field. Dogs are able to pick up on all sorts of scents and they use this ability to detect valuable information. 

Your body emits an array of scents and your dog may be attracted to those scents. It’s possible that they like how you smell and they want to be as close to you as possible. The scent of your leg may also be a source of comfort for your dog. They may associate your scent with safety and security, and they may be sleeping in this position to be closer to that feeling.

5. Security and Safety

It’s possible that dogs who sleep between their owner’s legs feel that they are in a safer position. Perhaps they feel like they can escape if there is a threat in the room, or maybe they feel like the rest of their family is less likely to step on them in their sleep. 

Dogs have a strong sense of survival and they will do what they can to ensure their safety. If your dog is sleeping in this position, they may feel more secure and safe. They may also be sleeping in this position as a type of self-protection.

What to Do If You Don’t Like Your Dog Sleeping Between Your Legs

If you’re more of a solo sleeper you might have a problem. If you’re trying to get your dog to stop sleeping between your legs, Keep reading. It’s important to remember that dogs can’t read your mind. They do know it’s a comfortable place. Once they discover a nice place, they are less likely to leave it. If the problem is that they get too close, then it helps to have some sort of barrier between the dog and your legs so that he knows not to come too close.

If you really don’t want them to sleep between your legs, there’s a little bit of training you will need to do to reinforce the idea that they no longer are welcome in the area. It’s  not going to be easy to break a bond that a dog has become familiar with on a nightly basis. It’s not like you can be up late enjoying a coloring book so consider moving them to their bed.

Why Not Make Your Dog’s Bed Super Comfy?

Start by making sure they are comfortable in their own bed. And if they do return to sleep next to you, every time they get on the couch or bed remove them so they recognize it’s not a place for them to be on.  Additionally you could place small items in the area that is off limits so they can’t actually get to it.

If they don’t get the hint and decide to sneak up at night or when you are napping, it’s best to lie on your side so that you aren’t lying in their way and the dog sleeps elsewhere. Once awake, make an effort to remove them again.

It’s important to make sure that you have enough blankets and pillows in the bed so that your dog is able to feel comfortable and cozy. The comfort they are craving can be duplicated when they have pillows and blankets that make they feel secure.

Tire Your Dog Out Before Bed

Another thing that you can do is play with the dog when he’s awake so that he doesn’t feel left out. This will also give him something else to focus on while he’s waiting for his turn at sleep time. 

For some dogs, it’s impossible to train them out of this behavior. They get accustomed to the opportunity to be sleeping in a bed near their owner and they don’t want to go anywhere else. Even if you break this habit and end up with a dog who sleeps only on his bed, he may still have a hard time sleeping alone from time to time and could come back to the place he adores the most: sleeping between your legs.

But if this is the case for you, just be patient. You can always increase the duration of time he spends in his own bed during the day until he finally gets used to sleeping by himself at night.

Dogs Sleep at their Perfect Position

Dogs will sleep in all sorts of funny positions. There are a variety of reasons why your dog might choose to sleep between your legs. They may like the way that your legs feel, they may enjoy the way that your scent smells, or they may be trying to keep their body temperature even. They may want to be as close to you as possible, or they may simply feel safer in that position. Even if your dog has a tendency to sleep between your legs, you shouldn’t worry. This is a normal and common occurrence. 

Next time your dog sleeps between your legs, give them a few extra scratches for us. You’ve got a loyal companion who really loves you!

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